One-Stop Service Plan

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What is the One Stop Service Plan?

“One Stop Service plan” means One Time service provides. If you call to us when you will faces any problem about your Air Conditioner. It is called to One Stop Service Plan. You are not our annual service partner.

Why you select AIRCONcare?

AIRCONCare is a first service oriented company in the Bangladesh. We are providing most steadfast service for personal and commercial Air conditioner. Our specialist lineup is superior quality other than service provider. We have 38 years products sale and service experience in all over Bangladesh. Our servicing center is most authentic and reliable.  Each and every technicians are doing well because of they are sound trained.

Sale and Service Experience.

AIRCONcare is a part of our support Business. Fundamentally, we are the importer all kinds of Electronics products from Thailand, Japan, Malaysia,Singapur, india and China. Our Business goodwill is near about 38 years in Bangladesh. Each and every product has different technician. Our Air conditioner technician is more expertise and experience. You will get all kinds of spare parts of Air conditioner. Here are different kinds of international brand name products. Like As, General, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Carrier, Midea, Chigo, Mitsubishi, Gree, Daikin and Hair. We are able to supply of Air conditioner and others electronics products.

One Stop Service plan Rate.

One Stop Service Plan is most popular of our service. If you face any problem then you will call to us for getting service. You have no annual service contact with you, these is called to one stop service plan.

Advantages of One Stop Service Plan.

  1. Instant service getting chance.
  2. We reached very short time at your Home or office.
  3. Service charge is low price.
  4. Modern service equipment.
  5. Air conditioner accessories low cost.
  6. Air conditioner accessories are our own imported.
  7. Each and Every product is more authentic.
  8. We have experienced and expert service team.
  9. We have bike or transport for service provide.
  10. You can compare with other service provider.
  11. You can get easily others products from us with lower price.
  12. Your Air conditioner gets the better life.
  13. You will save the electricity bill.
  14. We will provide best report about your Air conditioner after service.
  15. You can get Annual service contact from us.