Annual Service contract

"Annual Service Contact" আমাদের সর্বাধিক জনপ্রিয় সেবা। ইনসল্লা, প্রতিটি গ্রাহক আমাদের এই সেবা দ্বারা লাভজনক হবে। আমরা আপনার সমস্ত ঝুঁকি 
ও দায়িত্ব নেব। আমাদের আছে ৩৭ বছরের AC বিক্রয় এবং সার্ভিসিং অভিজ্ঞতা। More & More




What is Annual Service Plan?

Annual Service plan is different mater of the Air conditioning market. If you want to agreement with AIRCONcare to contact for service. It is called to Annual Service plan. You can contact with us for personal and commercial Air conditioner service. We have 38 years service experience in Bangladesh.

Why you select to us?

AIRCONcare is a most popular organization for service provide. It is an innovated idea for high level comfort. We are providing 38 years service in the whole Bangladesh. Our service team and expertise is high qualified professional.  We are providing honestly service to our valued client.

Sale & service experience.

We have lot of work experience.  For that reasons, our work is accurate for our super experience. We can easily diagnosis to any Air conditioning problem. Most of the service provider is super experienced. They are trained by cheap technician in our service center. AIRCONcare is a faithful and trusted service center in the Bangladesh.

Advantages of Annual Service Plan.

  1. Save your Money.
  2. Long Lasting your Air conditioner.
  3. Fast Cooling.
  4. Instant Service.
  5. For your good Health.
  6. Energy saving.
  7. Low price Air conditioner Accessories.
  8. Whole sale price of Spare Parts.
  9. Low Prices of Electronics products.
  10. Annual Service plan.