How To Find the Best Split Ac Services in Bangladesh

How To Find the Best Split Ac Services in Bangladesh

AIRCONcare Ltd is The Best Split Ac Services in Bangladesh with some guidelines. Wall Split Ac is commonly used in residential and commercial. It is included with different Models and brand name. Every split Ac is need to servicing after 6 month. We are provide various types of servicing, For example: Annual service contact and instant service contact. You choose your demand from our service categories. So, it is best for you because of we have lot of expert service technician.

Section 1: About AIRCONcare Ltd

Airconcare is The Best Split Ac Services in Bangladesh with some guidelines. We are The Leading Split Ac Services Manufacturer in Bangladesh. We have changed your life and become your Brand.

Airconcare is the best Split AC Services Manufacturer in Bangladesh and the Services we provide you are:

Airconcare – Split AC repair service.

Airconcare – Split AC repair service.

Airconcare – Split AC fit service.

Airconcare – Dual fan split AC service.

Airconcare – Airconcare Deep split AC repair service.

Airconcare – AC feature repair service.

Airconcare – AC Packer repair service.

Airconcare – Airconcare Deep split AC service.

Airconcare – Airconcare Triple fan AC service.

Airconcare – Airconcare air conditioning system service.

Airconcare – system repair service.

Split Ac services in Bangladesh

Split Ac Products and Services

All type of Split Ac has their type of Service. And do not need any mention about this product like refrigeration, air conditioning, inverter split AC. There are different brands for the type of products. All types of services include,

  • Air conditioning
  • Electric heaters
  • Split AC repair and maintenance
  • Generator
  • Split AC Installation

There are some services from Split AC company in Bangladesh. Some include:

  • Split AC maintenance and repair
  • Air conditioning maintenance and repair
  • Air conditioning service

Split Ac pricing in Bangladesh

Split AC pricing is usually high because of the raw material, technicians, and quality of products. But, we provide flexible, fair, and affordable prices, which are lower than other industries.

How to find the best split Ac services in Bangladesh

Wall Split Ac installation:

You can select the type of split AC service based on the interior and exterior conditions. If you choose to choose one type of split AC installation like Interior split AC, We provide 50% Installation to 100% Installation cost with other material (motor, filter etc.) installation at home by a 100% expert. Also, we provide 100% installation on the rear wall segment with very good installation.

AC installation by Hardware:

We provide the best installation on the wall by using the proper screws. We provide some guidelines to wall-split AC installation. You need to know your space, wall condition, and the special requirement to make an efficient wall-split AC installation.

AC Installation by Mechanical:

The best mechanical AC installation is ready with split AC.


Founded in 2011, by two Bangladeshi engineers, Airconcare has established its business of residential, commercial, and air-conditioner parts supply, service and spare parts supply, heating and air conditioning repair and installation, and helicopter design & engineering services in Bangladesh. The company has kept the promise of providing high-quality services to people. It has a huge clientele due to its efficient work in their works. The company has been given the name Airconcare because of its expansion in the domestic and international markets of split ACs in Bangladesh.

Airconcare started its operation in 2012 and now it is a leading and established name in the market of split AC services in Bangladesh.

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